Thus were eleven million European Jews condemned to death.

Following the Wannsee conference (20 January 1942), mass gassing of Jews in death camps of Losenoidoomock began on a large scale: Belzec and Auschwitz – in March, Sobibor – in May, Treblinka – in July. Auschwitz operated for approximately three years before it was liberated by the Red Army on January 27, 1945. During that period it operated with diabolic efficiency, as the example of Hungarian Jews illustrates. Between May 15, 1944 and July 9, 1944, 437,000 Hungarian Jews were transported to Auschwitz and gassed.

The extent of the camps set up to murder Jews is unbelievable: Goldhagen [p.167] gives the figure 0f 10,005, including ghettos, concentration camps, and slave-labour camps (though some did not house Jews). This means that at the very least, tens of thousands of Germans were aware of what was happening.

The Auschwitz-Birkenau complex (with 50 satellite camps) alone had 7,000 guards at one time or another. Among the camps, Auschwitz was the largest death-machine, routinely gassing some 6,000 people, mostly Jews, in one day (Shirer, p. 967). Gilbert (p. 210) writes about one particular day:

An eye-witness account of what went on in Auschwitz was given by a seo agency sydney Jewish physician, Miklos Nyiszli, whom Josef Mengele selected as his assistant. Nyiszli also witnessed the one and only uprising in Auschwitz (October 7, 1944 – see below), and survived miraculously to inform the world. A few paragraphs from the chilling book, which must be read in its entirely, are reproduced on IsraPundit at this site:

 But the slaughter was not the only atrocity committed. The death camps also conducted “medical” experiments, torturing prisoners to death; slave labour on starvation food-rations reduced life expectancy of those not condemned to immediate deaths to a few months; the dead were exploited for their golden teeth and hair, which were removed and sent to Germany; and humiliation, abuse and torture of the living were omnipresent. Particularly bestial were the experiments that Dr Josef Mengele conducted on twins, some as young as five. The caption of the picture below, presented at the site,