The report was forwarded to all the major Allies and best seo in london, but the information was suppressed. About the US, in particular, the article notes:

Later in the war, Allied flights of bombers and reconnaissance planes over Auschwitz were conducted repeatedly. Yet, the Allies refused to bomb the railway lines. Further photographic proof of this statement appeared recently, as reported in this news story from Arutz 7

Entire volumes have been devoted to the issue of the complicity of the Allies in the Holocaust by refusing to bomb the camps and/or the railways to them. From the evidence, it is clear that the complicity was deliberate: see the volumes by Gilbert and by Neufeld/Berenbaum cited at article’s end. Noteworthy in particular are the facts that the Allies bombed the industrial plants in the Auschwitz-Birkenau complex, and during the Polish uprising against the Nazis, the Allies flew in supplies, at times overflying Auschwitz. Yet, the bombing of Auschwitz and its rail lines was never attempted.

Even this brief recounting of the Auschwitz story is incomplete without recalling the uprising on October 7 (Hoess, p. 365). The Sonderkommando, the Jewish prisoners who were forced to participate in the gassing, in the burning of the gassed bodies, and in the looting of the victim’s gold teeth and hair, destroyed one crematorium and greeted the SS squad with fire from smuggled arms. The uprising was quashed with most of the Sonderkommando dying during the battle or being murdered subsequently.

There are numerous other issues that should have been dealt with in this essay, but could not be covered because of space constraints: What happened to the perpetrators? What happened to the survivors? Some works on these topics are listed at the end of this article.

A final word

The first paragraph posed the question, “how could it have happened”. The foregoing narrative suggests that the slaughter of Europe’s Jews came about after a systematic, relentless campaign of vilification, which rendered the “Jewish question” and the inevitable ‘final solution’, part of the common-sense and acceptable discourse of German society. Escalating the persecution and slaughter of the Jews step by step, the Nazi regime ensured that the population and the executioners alike became inured to the results of their deeds. Furthermore, the campaign of vilification rendered the Holocaust the top priority objective of the Nazi regime, an objective for which Germany diverted scarce resources needed on the battlefield.

There were additional factors that facilitated the Holocaust: the deliberate complicity of the Allies; the collaboration of the population in such countries as the Baltic states and the Ukraine; and the collaboration of the Jundenrats (Jewish councils) and Kapos.

Boration of the Jundenrats (Jewish councils) and Kapos.